Up-sizing your Home in South Florida?

Here are 3 top questions to consider.

Up-sizing your South Florida home might be as a result of lots of reasons best known to you. It can be either for pleasure or for just the extra space for a larger family. There are better approaches to having a 100% success at it. Here, you will get the top 3 questions to consider whenever you have finalized that decision.

Cost– can you afford it? Should be the first question you will need to ask yourself. With the lovely South Florida luxury homes, a lot of other factors come to play. Put into the considerations the

  •  Agent fee,
  •  Moving fee,
  •  Refinance costs,
  •  Stamp duty,
  •  Legal fee,
  •  Pest control and of course,
  •  What it will take to keep it maintained at all times.

The services of Florida luxury real estate experts will help you make these decisions professionally.

Location– this is another matter to put into consideration because there are a lot of other daily lifestyle activities that will be hindered if you get it wrong. Here are some of the important things to consider when picking out a location for your luxury real estate.

  • Your job
  • Good school/ college for the kids
  • Parking space and home space either backyard or front yard
  • Social amenities, mall, police station, fire station and many more you might want to consider

You do not want to start moving out, thinking of re-locating after just a few months in.

Time- this is always of the essence when you are up-sizing. The time between moving, selling the old place to make up financing for the new place is crucial. It is important to have a backup accommodation plan or ask for a loan from your bank. This will make it less uncomfortable and take care of any inconveniences that may arise before you move into your South Florida luxury homes